Academic Life Coaching

Sometimes school can be overwhelming even for the best students. I get that. Some kids need help organizing the jumble of papers, homework and assignments that accompany schoolwork. Other students have lost interest in learning and need help getting reconnected and engaged.  Some kids always seem to blow it on tests. Whatever the situation is, I provide individual attention and emotional and practical long-term support that allows kids to find their own way to success. 

But there’s more to it than that. There are often hidden dynamics that sidetrack kids which affect not only their performance in school, but their self-esteem and social life. I bring a therapist’s sensibility to these underlying issues, as well as a coach’s attention to the bigger playing field of life as a teen in school. I develop long-term relationships with kids that allow them to take risks and to grow into confident, self-aware individuals in school and in the world.

What It Can Do For You

As a middle and high school teacher for many years, I understand the challenges of being in school. I will help you:

  • Become better organized
  • Deal with anxiety
  • Improve test performance
  • Manage different learning styles - ADHD, dyslexia, etc.
  • Regain confidence and enthusiasm for learning
  • Learn how to find and take advantage of support
  • Prepare for life in college

I tend carefully to the details of your particular situation and offer creative strategies that address your unique strengths. We will design a plan to help you make the most out of your time in school.