Math Coaching: One-on-one Instruction

I do more than just help kids with math.  I offer simple strategies to help them reduce the anxiety that often accompanies mathematics so that they can learn new concepts more easily. I point out common errors in their work and in their thinking process, to help them navigate challenging territory with more confidence and self-awareness. I help them recognize the many resources they already bring to the study of math and offer new strategies that align with their particular learning style.  


 While most math tutors focus strictly on the numbers, I attend to much more -family dynamics, emotional stress and/or learning differences, can also interfere with success in math. I help students recognize how internal habits can get in the way of understanding concepts. We also tackle the day-to-day realities of school – from disorganized notebooks and cramming for tests to social distractions and technology. Through mindful attention to the whole picture, we craft strategies that result in more confidence, better understanding, and overall well-being.


Sunday Math Studio: Small Support Classes

Sunday is the day most kids buckle down and get to their schoolwork. These two-hour sessions on Sunday mornings are designed to bring a small number of kids in the same class, or working on the same material, together for support. Specifically, to catch up on late homework (a continual problem), to prepare for tests, or review concepts that are weak.