Math Enrichment

Math enrichment supports students in pursuing their own interests and curiosities in mathematics. Go beyond the traditional subject areas to discover the beauty and mystery of math. I offer a curriculum designed to support you and your kids' interests and curiosities about mathematics, wherever they lead. Math enrichment is designed to foster creative thinking and problem solving. Popular topics include fractals, math and physics, astronomy, systems theory, and probability and statistics. Topics are varied and the methods are specifically aligned to your particular interests and curiosities.​​

Support For Parents

I consult with parents to help them develop a plan, build teaching skills, and address the content of a sound curriculum. I also cover how to bring math into your daily life, how to ask questions to stimulate mathematical thinking, and especially how to manage the relational dynamics of the learning environment at home (math-related or otherwise).

Basic Math Skills

If you are concerned about your kid's basic math fluency or acquiring grade level-appropriate skills, I offer creative resources, motivational activities, problems, and games to solidify the basics:

  • Multiplication facts
  • Arithmetic skills
  • Fractions, decimals and percents
  • Probability and statistics
  • Pre-algebra through calculus

Home School Support